Shirley Scott with Lem Winchester!

Check this out. Listen to Lem's solos. This is great stuff to transcribe if you are learning the language. Also as transcribing goes it's not too difficult.

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i keep listening to this. just bought a used lp. a new one is going for 60 bucks . this is out of print. and to me this is an amazing lp. i love it! unpretentious swinging and right to the point. lem sounds fkn amazing!

anyone have digital copies of this? i need them!!!!

Thanks for posting this, Tony! I have to admit I have never heard of him before. What beautiful playing!

I just found this article. Here you can read lots of anecdotes and get an impression of what a fine human being Lem Winchester was. One of the authors is John Chowning - inventor of FM synthesis!

robwaring - where is the article??? I remember FM synthesis. the DX7 right? i had one and had so much fun programming it!

Sorry! I see that the link didn't show in my last post. Here it is:

Tony, thanks for this. The organ/vibe sound reminds me a bit of Johnny Lytle whose mother was an organist and he used that same combination on a few recordings.

i forgot all about Johnny Lytle. I have to check out his stuff again. I used to have records of his and as I remember he was a good player. right? you agree?