Michel Hausser - Has Anyone Heard of Him?

He sounds great!!

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One or 2 years ago i posted here some videos of him. He is a french vibist, the first in France to have played in a modern style, aka with a Milt Jackson mood. He played with all the great musicians in Paris during years and had played on many records. When you hear a vibes playing on a french record in the 50s, 60s, 70s and partly the 80s, chances are that it's him playing. He is a great accordeon player and teacher too, and when he retired from the active parisian scene, he went back to where he was born : Colmar (and Munster), in the same region (Alsace) as Strasbourg, the french bigger city near the german border, where he opened a big accordeon school. But he still plays vibes gigs, invited by young players who love his style. He's 93 years old now, and still fresh and very elegant.
BTW the rythm section is the Dexter Gordon 's one too at that time. Guy Pedersen on bass, french and Daniel Humair, born in Switzerland but who made his whole career in France ; he was the first-call drummer, with Kenny Clarke, for all the big american jazz names who played in Europe during almost 40 years...