Ladies in Mercedes by Gary Burton & Makoto Ozone (1984) - 2 -

Hi all people. Ii found this video this days

I suppose all people like to see
and special the prototype vibes was using this days gary!
looks great and this was the begining of a help all vibist players !
have you see the shape of the vibe legs?are older ehh!

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he's talked about this hasn't he? this was his version of the m-48? i don't remember.

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

This is one of my favorite recordings, and one of my favorite tunes from that recording. It's a very interesting format. I don't think there is an actual melody, but rather a nice montuna/tumbao thing between the the bass and piano, with the vibes kind of doubling what Mokoto is doing. I transcribed the changes and it is REALLY fun to play on. Steve Swallow (the composer) writes the best tunes. If anyone is interested I can make a pdf of my lead sheet and post it.
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yes dear ted, it is other of my favorites album .another to me was "withz kids" the playing , the sound all it is perfect to me in this album
anyway there is some melody on leadsheet of he realbook volume 3 ( from the older) but I transcribe more acurate the tune ( writing bass line and tumbao line) too long time ago I think when start to play! !!
about the marimba solo of gary :I thing we do not need say nothing : it is the perfect marimba solo from all of time!!!!!