It's You Or No One!

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Hey cool you guys did the Dexter Gordon intro! I also notice Behn looks like he's playing with the Malletech Ed Smith mallets. I use those too. Great playing all around!

The duet is getting better and better guys ! Did you noticed that ! Very fluent and cognitive.
You guys are probably one of the foremost vibes duet today. Really impressive.

well we are probably in the top 5 of all vibe duets. I'm assuming that maybe there are 5 of them. probably less :-)

behn is fun to play with!

Yeah, there's five out there and we're number 5, haha! Just messing around!

I think it's funny watching these videos because we're doing things back and forth, and I notice that we each occasionally laugh at something the other person will do. That's how we know we're having a good time! Obviously, it's a blast to play with Tony!

Yes, I'm using the Ed Smith Malletech mallets. I like the articulation I can get with them, and they're not overly abrasive like other hard mallets!

Quarter note = 290...
You guys really gotta start picking up the pace in these videos. Lol!
Joking, obviously!
For some reason the video didn't play but I heard the audio, which was interesting...
I immediately knew who was who, as I've been hanging with you cats a lot this year!
Great playing, as always. When's the duo record happening? :-D
That's such a great tune to blow on, you guys are tearing up those changes

Whoah, burning gentlemen!

I was guys both use your INSIDE mallets as primary. What do you call that grip? It's not really Burton. It seems better, cause you probably don't get a big callous on your index finger!?

Tony and I play very similarly, although I think we've each modified the grip a little differently. Tony calls it "The Miceli Stoned Grip", haha! I'll let him explain the story behind that!

As for me, Tony showed me the grip a long time ago when I used to play marimba. For awhile, I was playing with Leigh's grip, but modified it because I'm a firm believer that in order to get enough volume on the vibes with 4 mallets, the sticks must cross. Plus, the sticks crossing creates better articulation and dampening.

The main thing I like about the inside mallets is that it feels like drumming when I play lines, which is pretty natural for me since it was my first instrument. I also feel like I can still get good independence with this grip, so it works well for me in many different ways.

Yeh guys great playing! Great lines, energy and time. One of my favorite uptempo tunes along with Firm Roots.