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Geat jazz tunes and originals

Forum Topic: Jazz Soul Coalition - Steve Shapiro - New band! New video! No gigs!

Hey VW peeps,

Got some nice footage from a recent gig, with some of my very favorite players. And there's more featuring vocalist Vaneese Thomas from Aretha Franklin's band, who sang with us. If folks are interested, I will post that when it is available.

Trying to figure out how to keep this going. Anyone with some ideas on how to bring the vibes to the people, please chime in! LOL All you cats in Europe..I'd love to take this band over there!

Forum Topic: original compostions .. swap meet

hey everyone at this wonderfull place us vibist love to come too everyday ..

i had a brainstorm today ... Wat if we all swapped our original tunes here ... hmmmm

kinda like gettin in each others heads across the world ..

ill start the cycle off with a tune of mine. This one is called Sikyi moe. its a bossa/swing tune based on the form of green dolphin street.

if anyone has a way of recording there version of the tune id love to hear . and also and foremost would be 100 percent into any comments of the tune ..