Jean-Baptiste Boclé "One's Way" - Gildas Boclé Trio Live - Nov 3rd 2012

Hello , I was recently playing some gigs in France with my brother ,
here's an excerpt:

will post some more.

Nice group!

thanks RB, and you were right the first time , the bass is hot on the live

Finaly you're back with a post... and your brother! :o)
Man there are bars, keys and buttons all around you!! I'm sure this will please our member Tarik (Aka Vibraman) who recently got a mallet kat and gave us a few beautiful posts with both vibes and MK).
I love your "touch" and fluidity on vibes, and the arrangement with the MK!
Hope all is fine for you... please come back when ever you feel like!!
A bientôt,

Thanks Marie Noelle ,
and I'm posting thanks to you since you made me aware
of this great site a while back ,I have been keeping an eye
on it thanks to your newsletter too... it took me a minute to
get back , but I've been also playing out more in the past year and a half ,
I have also been recording for different projects that will be coming out next year,
including some standards work (quartet and solo) , I will be posting more
from this gig and also previews of upcoming recordings.
a bientot j'espere aussi ...


I like that!!

Great work, very mature, a pleasure to listen to.

What a cool band, Jean Baptiste. A great vibe feeling!
I was wondering what was that Frisell sound you play on the kat at the beginning.
keep posting, keep going!


Thanks a lot illya ,
yeah you're right on when you say Frisell ,that is someone I really like
for ambient sounds like this.(besides all the rest..)
the sound from the Kat is a combination of several things
as I tend to customize or make my own sounds for the Kat until I
get a sound that I like but that also has a feel when you hit the pads ,

In this instance there is a Lap Steel patch from Omnisphere that
I modified ,combined with some bowed piano samples that I also tweaked ,
(with a lowpass filter and also changed the amplitude envelope) all that
with a reverb from NI Reaktor ,"Space Master" that has a little bit that Ecm
reverb sound.I hope that helps.
I'll post some more soon.


that´s a cool band! i liked listening to it. the setup is great but i wouldn´t like to carry it to any gig :)

thanks for posting and excited to hear more!


nice work .. i really like. love the ostinato and unison line. great ideas on soloing, nice harmony. just a great trio .. malletkat and all bravo on the use of all technology in a very musical way

Nice to hear from you since all that time, and nice to hear this very good trio !! you sounds very good Jean Baptiste, hope you're doing good. Best

Salut Phillippe !
thanks and good to hear from you as well , all is fine , I'm still in NYC ,
busier with composing but I've been out playing more (especially in Europe)
since a year & 1/2 or so and happy to get back out there with different playing/recording
projects , I'll try to be a little more active on posting about it ,I hope all is well
with you , I'd love to see you whenever I'm in France.Best.

I was a student at Berklee (1978) when Jean was also there along with his brother. Even back in the day, Jean was an outstanding vibes player! So glad to see and hear all of his progress over the years, still playing with his brother in such a tight and fun group. We all go down different paths in this thing called music, which always keeps it fresh, alive and exciting!