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Anything missing here? Any good ideas for us?

Forum Topic: Rehearsal place in Rotterdam

Hey guys,

does anyone know about a place in Rotterdam, where one could make a rehearsal with a jazz band?

I'm playing at the EBU European Jazz Competition finals there on June 27th and we wanted to do a rehearsal with a quartet (vibes, piano, bass and drums) on the 26th evening. A school might be ideal because of the vibes but any suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks for any input in advance.
All the best,


Forum Topic: Help!!!! - Vibraphone in a Brass Band

Hi Everybody!

I just know that I am accept to do the audition for the new brass band of Disney Land Paris!! :D
For the percussion section they search for a snare drum, a xylophone and a vibraphone ! So, I'm applied for the post of vibraphone :)

So I have to play a piece (study or concerto...) for vibraphone in the type of Brass Band... ?!
I absolutely not Know what to play !! The girl who call me don't know about the audition of vibraphone... I think that they want to observe my technique, my musicality...


Forum Topic: Tablets for musicians and students

Hello everyone,

I'm going back to school this year for jazz studies and wondering how indispensable others find tablets to be. I think it's a great option for replacing the giant real book, but I don't know much more than that. Maybe sight reading is too difficult, for instance, especially since we're far from the music as it is.

Just wondering what other people's experiences are. Also, any suggestions for brands or models? I own a smart phone and a reasonably large laptop (PC) currently, so maybe those two things already serve my desires well enough.



Forum Topic: Deagon Frames

I am looking to see what is the best way to get a frame for Deagon bars 48.
should the frame be purchased or custom made

I was given some info of the Commander frame would fit these bars

any info would help thanks


Forum Topic: Music for trumpet/flugel and vibraphone?

Hi There-

A friend and I are undertaking a rather involved project for our duo of trumpet/flugel and vibraphone, and we're just wondering what the precedents are for this combination; if there's a jazz/improvised music duo with this instrumentation out there that I'm not aware of, if there's a historical one that is no more, but recorded together, what classical/new music repertoire has been written for this combo, etc. I'm looking on google now, but hoping y'all might have some handy anecdotal/first-hand knowledge about this. Much obliged.