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Anything missing here? Any good ideas for us?

Forum Topic: Ruts, Funks, and Brick Walls

I've been thinking about this a lot recently, and I figure this is a great place to talk about it. I hit brick walls a lot and it's easy to get all down and not push yourself out of the rut (at least for me). The worst part about these experiences, is the feeling that I am the first person to ever go through it. The logic part of my brain tells me that my vanity is ridiculous, but I think it's easy for everyone to feel this way. When I get like this, improvising becomes EXTREMELY difficult...


Forum Topic: Dance for Vibes/Piano

I'm working on a duo project with a pianist from my school, and we want to do a piece with a dancer, or a small group of dancers.

We've been looking thorugh some pieces, but maybe someone will have a suggestion for us. Has anybody done something like this? I know it's a pretty obscure project to take on. We're looking at contemporary or ballet dance.

We're planning on gigging with just the duo, but we want to also play a piece with dance for a recital or concert.



Forum Topic: listening session?

I was thinking that at the Delaware Workshop, we could do some sort of an official listening session with everyone, that was planned into the day. We could play some tunes and talk about what we like about it. After all, we play like whatever we listen to, so i think it'd be a good idea. Maybe it could happen?
And by the way I'm really excited for the workshop, and seeing/hearing some people that went last year also.


Forum Topic: Sight-reading?

How important is it, as a professional vibes player, to be a great sight-reader?

I prefer working with smaller groups, trios, quartets, etc., but i'm not opposed to working with any other kinds of groups. Right now, i'm a decent sight-reader, but i definetely wouldn't feel comfortable sight-reading a dificult chart on a gig.

I'm wondering how much time I should put aside for sight-reading, when i'm practicing. thanks for any help.


Forum Topic: College?

I'm a junior in high school and I want to focus on playing jazz vibes in college. But iv heard there are a good amount of vibes players who studied something else in college... percussion, or piano, etc along with vibes. If I could do everything I wanted I'd just play vibes, but I also play drum set for five years on and of and I play a little piano and general percussion. It'd be great to hear some of advice from people, especially if you've been in a similar situation.


Forum Topic: This is so stupid... (but I have to share it with you)

I've been "not playing" now for three years. I think that's longer than some of you have been playing. I still digest music daily internally and I often get the attention of my brother firefighter/paramedics at work who notice the non-stop whistling or humming. Emilie (sp?) helped me learn this in her "Up Jumped Spring" post and I think it's going to help me out of my "hiatus" mode and start writing and playing again.… (thank you Emilie).


Forum Topic: Good Vides radio -- another question

Hi all,
Does anyone know of another radio program (ever) that is/was devoted solely to the vibraphone?
I would like to announce my show as being the first (I think it is), but I won't do it unless I can be certain. In my research online I haven't been able to find anything. Or, who might I ask to get a definitive answer? Some radio history guru?