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Normally I transport my vibraphone in a car in assembled state. To get it out of the cellar over a stair without a second person I developed a transportation system consisting of an axis and 2 big wheels of a wheel chair. With this big wheels it's no problem to pull the vibraphone over the stairs. The stairs to my cellar are really tight, but with system it's much easier and safer than two persons carrying the vibraphone:

Video of Usage:

I've used this simple solution with my old Yamaha yv2700 as well as with my Musser M55. Maybe this simple solution is also useful for other people in the forum, e.g. students playing in a pedestrian zone.

Things I needed:

- 2 wheels from a wheelchair (30 Euro Ebay)
- 2 DW SSMG1 multiclamps fitting the tube diameter of axis and rack (both together 74 Euro)
- 1 meter stainless round steel with about 20mm diameter (about 20 Euro)
- 2 round connectors to fix the wheels on the axis (about 10 Euro)
- A friendly locksmith with a turning machine to fit the axis diameter at the end to the wheel bearing.

Actually an idea for a patent, but I fear there are not enough customers all around the world to earn money with this idea.

Comments and improvements welcome.



TinaTawdre Sun, 12/27/2015 - 04:23

Hi Christian,

That's a very clever solution. Please consider also posting a short video of you putting your assembled vibes into your car. I want to see how you would fit it in. That's not something I can do in anything other than a van.



DanaSud Wed, 09/11/2019 - 13:03


I went looking for this post because I want to build a system like it. Unfortunately the video is gone. Do you have a photo of the rig or can you re-post the video?

Thanks in advance,