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Hi Everybody!

I just know that I am accept to do the audition for the new brass band of Disney Land Paris!! :D
For the percussion section they search for a snare drum, a xylophone and a vibraphone ! So, I'm applied for the post of vibraphone :)

So I have to play a piece (study or concerto...) for vibraphone in the type of Brass Band... ?!
I absolutely not Know what to play !! The girl who call me don't know about the audition of vibraphone... I think that they want to observe my technique, my musicality...

Have you an idea about a piece in the style they want ?? The audition is in 5 days... (tuesday..!)

Thanks a lot for your help!!


IndianaGlen Thu, 11/13/2014 - 09:07

Please keep in mind that I may be wrong, since no-one else has responded, I will give you my thoughts.

Since you do not know the format of the audition, I would practice three tunes I know already. A well known Jazz tune, a well known classical tune, and a well known pop tune. That way you can be prepared mentally if they ask you "just play something". If you can get it perfectly, I'd learn the "Mickey Mouse theme song" M-I-C-K-Y etc. . Then you can ask "do you prefer classical, pop, or jazz"? Pick these from songs you know already since you may not have time to work up a new tune. Simple and clear will more likely impress than overly complicated.

My guess the audition will be focused on site reading. Make sure you think about being confident and playing with a solid sound and good time. Disney is all about fun and making people who come there feel good. If it were me, I'd try to smile and look like I really enjoy playing without being Animated too much.

If you can find on youtube some recordings on groups playing at disneyland in Paris, you can see what they are playing and it may help to have that knowledge as well. If you can play xylophone or snare drum, mention that too. If not don't bring it up.

To repeat, please view these as my suggestions only, as my auditioning experience is limited.

I just found these online, it's about the US but there may be good information there.

Emilie Thu, 11/13/2014 - 10:10

In reply to by IndianaGlen

Thanks a lot for your answer :)

What a GOOD IDEA to practice three tunes (classical pop and jazz) in the case they ask me to play "something"... Thanks a lot !!

"Simple and clear will more likely impress than overly complicated" "being confident and playing with a solid sound and good time" "try to smile and look like I really enjoy playing without being Animated too much" ... great things to remember... :)

When I postulated for the job, I told them that I can play xylophone and snare drum too.. When they called me they said that they search for 3 musicians (one vibes, one xylo, on snare drum), so they just want that I play vibes.. But If I will accept I can tell them that I can play other instruments..

Thanks for the great article... It's may be different in Paris .. I will know it if I accept :)
The women who called me don't know why they search for a vibraphonist... ahah ... So she told me that I can be a sub, or makes few gigs ou a lot of gigs.. she don't know... but the announcement said that they looked for musican (one trumpet, one saxophone etc...) to create a brass bans... So I hope I will do a lot of gigs !!! perhaps for Christmas :)
In france, you have to do 43 gigs in 10 months to have (the next 8month) a salary in form of compensation. better you are paid for the giggs you do in the 10 months, better will be the salary for the next 8 month.. the salary results from a complex calculation...

Hope that they find me nice and performer to play in the new brass band :D

Thanks a lot again !! :D

Emilie Wed, 11/26/2014 - 16:54

Hi !
The girl called me today..
I accept in disney's family :-)
So i am actualy the vibist in the "lucky Christmas orchestra" in the theater "lucky nuggets saloon"... Ahah :)
So nice !
Thanks for your help !

Mis :)

IndianaGlen Thu, 11/27/2014 - 10:59

Thank you for the update. That's what the vibe community is all about! I am sure there would be people here who would like a write up of how the audition went.

I am smiling for you, I hope you wont get tired of playing all those Christmas tunes :)