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Lesson 1 Part: Modes - Assignment (And Others)

These are my videos for lesson 1 of the 15 lesson vibe course. I'm also attaching my Listening Assignment notes here.

Alone at Last Track by Track

Moon-child/ In Your Quiet Place

Firstly, I don’t think this piece could have been named any differently. It just emits such a soundscape energy, and so far its my favorite from the album. There’s so many bold decisions compositionally as well.

Green Mountains/ Arise Her Eyes

15 wk crs Lesson 3 Listening

The Arrival of Victor Feldman

Track 1 Serpent’s Tooth

Victor plays vibes. Early Miles Davis tune.

Track 2 Waltz 

Chopin waltz that starts with piano, then vibes and back to piano. The track reminds me of MJQ.

Track 3 Chasing Shadows 

A Victor Feldman original. Has a bebop feel. Played on piano.

Track 4  Flamingo 

Nice ballad played on vibes. Tim Collins did a video on this tune.

Track 5 S’posin’

Starts on vibes, comps on piano during the bas solo and goes back to the vibes for the solo.