Tunes - What is H1CH?

Have you figured out what that means?

Head 1 chorus Head.

I do that a lot when i practice. just to make sure I play the head in and out. It feels a bit like a tune. This is not like doing a mini concert. It's the opposite, however at least you're still in the form of a tune. I really like doing it.

So Let's do a H1CH festival. Can you guys pick 1 tune and play the head solo for a chorus and then take the head out? Then you've covered all the elements of a tune. Now you just stretch out the solo part (1C). You've worked out the intro and endings and your tune is ready to go.

What do you guys think about H1CH?

Maybe it's silly but this is how I work.

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That's the way i practice very often too. I think it's important to make sure the transitions head/chorus and chorus/head become flawless, and it's a good way to get the automatisms right.
And when i try to play a tune faster, i play it, say 11 or 13 ...times on the new tempo head/chorus/head/chorus....head
I'm in a H1CH festival, it should be a lot of fun !

i think we should do an h1ch festival!