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V6 - frame including twistable flaps

I think this is my last frame design. It now fulfills all my wishes and ideas. Besides the new, additional folding method, I am very happy that I managed to realize the twistable flaps in the frames without any restrictions on the folding versions.
It was a long development process until the twisting flaps also achieved good stability.

A corresponding flap version as a conversion kit for Musser M55 is in progress and close to completion.

Looking for vibraphone players in need

On an earlier post, I suggested an idea of creating Good Vibes at by helping other artists. In my years working as a musician and then as a rescuer serving the population of many different types, I learned a lot about myself and what I really enjoy doing. I learned that even when I was the "boss" over my fire crew in Antarctica, I loved to cook, clean, and serve them during down time. It creates good vibes for me while serving others. This translates also to goals in music.

I learned a ton about recording vibes yesterday...

A little background... a few weeks ago, I did the first of what will be a series of recordings/videotapings at Morningstar Studio, here in Philly. The owner/lead engineer is Glenn Barratt. He is a wonderful engineer and a virtual well of understanding about recording technique and hardware. You can visit his studio's website at

Malletech LN2R Mallet review - you should get some!

Malletech LN2R Mallet review - you should get some!

Since my wife and I first moved into the same Brooklyn loft apartment in 1993 I have either been blissfully ignorant or hyper-aware of the sound of my vibraphone practicing and how it affects the people around me. Luckily, for my wife and eldest son, I didn't play much music for about 8 years and consequently they didn't have to listen to it while they were trying to get their well deserved sleep at the end of the day.