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I know he was a vibe player, but I can’t find recordings where he’s playing vibes!

Some of the older guys might know about him?


John Keene Tue, 11/05/2019 - 05:06

Buzzy overdubbed the vibes part on the Hendrix song "Driftin'" from the album The Cry Of Love, and to my knowledge he is the only vibes player to be on a Hendrix record. I don't know if they knew each other when Hendrix was alive. The vibes on "Driftin'" isn't a solo but it does add a nice touch to the tune.

Buzz is mainly known as a songwriter and his few albums have some vibes on them but not in the forefront.

Randy_Sutin Sat, 11/09/2019 - 14:04

He called me because he was in the middle of nowhere and needed a set of vibes for a gig... when he found out that I could play his tunes, he asked me to play the whole night. We did a few more after that whenever he came around. I haven't seen or heard from him since then.

His girlfriend at the time (I think they got married) was from Montreal. Her dad was a jazz drummer who we've all heard a gajillion times because he played in the group that did the Pink Panther cartoons.

Buzzy is a good player. Yes, he played with Hendrix and Bob Dylan and Carly Simon. He also wrote the a tune that Bette Midler made famous: "Friends".


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