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New Solo Vibraphone Piece!!

This is a solo vibe piece Tony Miceli commissioned me to write for him. Let me know what you guys think! These are the program notes I wrote for the piece:

This piece was written in April of 2024 upon commission from Tony Miceli, professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While taking private lessons with him, we began experimenting with timbral effects on the vibraphone, and one of my assignments was to write a solo vibraphone piece surrounding this idea. Thus, this piece was born.

MalletKat for sale $1250 (that's a great price)




Alternate Mode - VibeKat Grand 5 Octaves I am the original owner.

I bought it in 2017. Only played it occassionally. Never out of my house. It is fully functional and in excellent condition.

Contains 100 sounds - 10 vibraphones, 10 marimbas, and a variety of other instruments. Play it with any mallets.

Volume Two - The Complete Guide To Improvisation now available

Volume Two of the Complete Guide To Improvisation is now available via Amazon, and the Berklee College of Music bookstore.

Chapters: Upper Structure Triads, Four Note Groupings, Motivic Playing, Cyclic Patterns and Major 7th #5 Superimposition. Here's a link that includes the Table of Contents and brief description of each chapter.…

Pair of AKG c-414 mics for sale

I've got 2 high quality mics for sale. These AKG c-414s are excellent for studio recording or amplification on a gig. They are large diaphragm condenser mics that recording engineers have used and trusted for years.

This mic has 4 settings - cardioid, hyper cardioid, omni, and figure 8. It has 2 roll-off settings for low frequences of 75 hz or 100hz. You can also reduce the sensivity by 10 or 20 db. Both come with windscreen, mic stand adapter, case, and user manual.