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Excellent Acoustic Sound Control on a Budget

I'm very particular about the recording and sound. I'm a novice at best for working Logic Pro and final cut but I do know that if I don't control the ricocheting acoustic sounds flying around the room, I'll be frustrated from the start.

In the past, I built expensive baffles and they worked okay but were very difficult to build and even more difficult to move if I want to take them to a new residence or even just move them to a different spot. If you move, you simply fold them up or use them as padding for furniture (win/win).

Taiwan vibesworkshop notes 6/9 2020

Continue to work on Donna lee:

Quarter notes -> then adding 8th notes
considering a logical approach
practicing in different keys
Chords -> in quarter notes
Chordal solo
One voicing for each chord (4 note voicing)
W/o root on dom chord
Consider the use of root notes
Voice leading
Traditional language


one chorus of quarter notes (logical approach)
second chorus of Simple solo

---------------------------------(Chinese translation)----------------

延續上次的Donna Lee

A Huge List of Solo Cds

How people handle their musical material is always interesting to me. As you guys know I talk with lots of students about solo playing. I believe you should spend a lot of time (in your mind) walking on stage and playing a piece or two as if there is an audience. The best way I know of to simulate that is to record your performance. video is best. Then you have to look at yourself!

On facebook I asked for a list of solo cd favs. Here's the list I got:

Need for extra soft vibes mallets

Hi all,
I'm needing (quickly !) super-extra-soft mallets for vibraphone. Visiting the Mike Balter's site the 16R model is said for marimba use, anyone knowing if it would work fine with vibes ?
There's the Vibrawell V9R too. Any info about it ?
Do you know another VERY VERY soft vibes mallets ?
If yes, thank you in advance for your answers !!! :o))