Practice Material - Shapes and Patterns of Music

This is a project I've been working on for a long time. I'm offering it up as new practice material while isolated due to Coronavirus Lockdown. It's about 1/3 complete but it's a LOT of practice work.

I came up with the idea about 35 years ago, then put it out in a very rough form with intentions of someday making it more user friendly. In the past few years, I add to it it when I feel like messing with it. It's great practice material and is very challenging. I thought I'd add it to the mix here at VW for folks looking for something different to work on while held up at home.

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For Nathan (And Everyone Else) - All Blues - For Members Also

I made this for my student Nathan, but I'd love to see who else wants to do this.

I play All Blues with an Aebersold recording. You play the melody and at the end. I solo first. You comp for me and I comp for you. Comp in the lower octave and solo in the middle and up high as much as you can. That way we will stay out of each others way a bit.

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Blues Train - Everybody Please read.

Here's the plan:

Today is March 15th: Deadline is March 25th.

Play this track. Wear headphones when you record. Don't record the track.

Count off with the 2 bar intro. But count like this. 2,3,4,1,2. Make sure your counting is on. Then play 2 choruses of a blues solo audio or video.

Then send it to me. After March 25 I'll put it together with my backing tracks and make a video out of it.

If you are in, please put your name in the comments.

When you send me the file title it like this.

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Balafon Pattern With Demo

I posted this before. But I can't find it!!!

I've added my student Oliver Mayman playing the pattern. Check out what he does with the pattern.

I think there is so much in Balafon playing for vibe players to study! Don't think about where you can play patterns over and over. Well, you can, but the point is to have that independence when accompanying yourself, or playing counterlines!

Attached is the pattern that Oliver is playing.

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