Who wants a Graduated Kat ? GradKat with graduated bars like vibes !

I've been dreaming of a graduated bar Mallet Kat closely matching the playing surface of a vibraphone.
*** So you can use the same ingrained mallet spread or spacing for both instruments !
A Mallet Kat is essentially an electronic mallet instrument that plays any sound you want.
All the pads are the same size.
You plug it into any amp or sound system. We may add a built in, for practice, speaker.
Kat's website;

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"Context" - Original Song on the MalletKat Grand

Having some fun learning how to use my new MalletKat and checking out some of the sounds on the GigKat2. Finally living out my dream of being a string player.. This is a little tune I wrote titled "Context".

If anyone has any tips for new MalletKat users please send them my way! I'd love to hear what sorts of uses others have found for the instrument.

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