Free Master Class/Workshop for the First 2 Professors that Get In Touch With Me

We've been doing online concerts for a while now. We're ready and eager to do some work with colleges. So here's what we're offering.

For the first 2 college professors that get in touch with me, we'll set up an online master class. Your students can watch from the classroom and I'll be in my video studio with a bass player and we'll talk about the vibes! We'll take questions from your students, and we'll finish up with a short concert.

Any takers? It's free and it's easy to do.

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What a Morning!!!

Wow! Check this out:

That was the conversation from this morning with Joe Locke, Ed Saindon, John Piper, Myself and a bunch of others!

We're having too much fun. Everybody was drinking coffee and tea and checking out the Latest Joe Locke videos. It was great for me to see those Giants Talking with each other.

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Joe Locke is Officially On Board

What a great day. I picked up Joe Locke early today we had lunch and talked about stuff then picked up Patricia Franceschy and turned on the cams.

Joe is a wealth of information and a very courageous vibe player. Ask to him play and he'll just start. He has a very modern approach to harmony which was really exciting for me to hear.

He talks humbly about his 4 mallet playing but wait until you see some of these vids. His 4 mallet solo playing is spectacular.

He's had a GREAT career and has so much to offer.

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