What's with the m-48. I hung with vibist Tom Beckham last night and I couldn't believe he had the same experience as me. When I play my m-48 I have to move it around my floor to get it into a spot where the dampening will work. He does the same thing. I love the sound of the instrument. The bars are beautiful, but it's such a drag to play.

Any ways anyone know of to fix it?

Bars, Resonators. Their behaviour and how to act with it.

Bars, resonators and their tuning.

Base of the vibes' sound ofcourse are the bars, and in a huge amount the (tuning of) the resonators.
I'll try to explain in the next article how to tune the bars, how to tune the resonators, and how to get the best benefit from the resonators.


It is widely know that vibe bars have their fundamental tuned, and the first overtone to a double octave.

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I can't find anything to practice, it looks like there's nothing new here.

If the front page slows down, depending on when you found the site, there's probably a lot of stuff you haven't seen yet.

Have you:

Harrisburg Hilton Nov. 28

Last minute post and just a long shot, but if anyone is here from the Harrisburg, PA area, I'm at the Harrisburg Hilton tonight. Trio, John Ragonese (sax), and Micah Jones (bass).

Just thought I'd mention it. Probably should have posted this a few days ago.

The Hilton is a great Jazz Room. Sometimes it gets noisy, but for the most part it's cool.

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Really Really Exciting News

We're all excited here at because Ed Saindon has agreed to become part of our faculty. Ed will be posting lessons and more, hanging out with us at the vibe hangs! Helping all of us to get better on the instrument. Ed has been playing and teaching on this instrument for YEARS now. So he has a ton to offer!

I just thought I'd announce that. I'm going to put up his section of the site hopefully today and then he'll start sending lessons down!

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Tom Beckham CD Release Event Chris' Jazz Cafe, Wednesday, Dec 10 - 9pm

Tom Beckham Quartet "REBOUND" CD Release Event
Chris' Jazz Cafe

featuring Chris Cheek - saxes, Matt Pavolka - bass, George Schuller - drums

December 10, 2008 - 9pm
Chris' Jazz Cafe
1421 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Dec 11 Tom Beckham Group "Rebound" CD Release - Twins' Jazz, Wash. DC 9:00pm
Dec 16 Tom Beckham Group "Rebound" CD Release - Smalls jazz club NYC 10:30 & 12

supporting the arts (in a real way):

Do you ever ask yourself, "what's the best way for me to support the arts?" or "Is there anything I can do from the ground level that would help support the arts and keep it healthy?"

Yes, remember that every time you buy a recording or arrangement from a musician, you are not only purchasing something for yourself but you are supporting those people who are doing it.

Like: (buy something from a musician or... Join a music web site ((hint, hint))

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Musical Prejudices

To this day, I still love Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, The Stones, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix... and of course The Beatles… and many other pop bands. I love them just as much as I do any music. They all played perfectly (to me). And today with my ears having decades of learning, listening and educating, I find this music to be even more astonishing.

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