"Rainbow Jimmies"

Hi all!

John Hollenbeck's newest release "Rainbow Jimmies" The Music of John Hollenbeck is a great CD! I've been listenning to it non-stop these past days!

I thought that it would be a good idea for you to check it out because besides the fact that it is full of great compositions, it features a vibes player: Matt Moran.

Please check it out at:

Access: Anonymous

Vibe Hang - Saturday Jan. 3, 08

I think we'll be having another vibe hang this saturday! I think Behn Gillece will be here and I'm trying to get Patty Franceschi and maybe a couple other players from the area over.

Also Marc Prz will be on bass. I'm hoping for 1pm east coast USA time. As it gets closer we'll zero in more on the actual time.

The Vibe Hang Will Be Here

Access: Anonymous