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Paul Wyndorps Has Done It Again

Paul Wyndorps is a godsend for the vibe world. The things he does and comes up with are truly amazing. He's a college professer in Germany and he's a pretty good vibe player as well! And.... he's super smart. If you
have not seen his portable vibes then click here to see this amazing frame.

Now paul is making tunable resonator plugs  and replaceable discs, all on a 3D printer. The other guy who's so helpful to the vibe world and is a great vibe players is John Piper. I know they have met and they
are talking. I imagine that means there will be some really innovative things for our instrument. I love that these guys are real thinkers. I can only mean good for the rest of us! 

Click here to watch the video on making tuneable resonator plugs and discs for your instrument! 

You Have to Show Your Brain What You Want It To Work On

I started a discussion about the title above. What does it mean and why and how to do it? So far only John Piper has responded but his answer is perfect. This is important for anyone wanting to get
good on the vibes. If you haven't read 'the Talent Code', check it out. It's worth the read. It's all about Myelin! 

Here's the discussion, hopefully more people will add to it. So why don't you? :-)

Our Next Pop Up Class is May, 24th and It's On Chi Chi

Our next pop up class is this Monday. We're studying Charlie Parkers Chi Chi. It's a great tune and a great one to study. The class if free to all subscribers as long as you do a little work. Otherwise
it's a 25 dollar fee for the class. All you have to do to attend this class for free is to record and post you playing the melody and then comping the chords. That means you know it. It has to be

Click here for more information.


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