Foldable Vibe Frame

The video shows the setup and playing the new foldable vibe frame.

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that is great!!!!

Thank you!
I am looking forward to see you at Spring Vibes Germany.

Yes, I built my trichromatic vibe frame with the keybed rack in two parts, just like that!

Interesting design!

Wow, that was an amazing quick set up, faster than any other product on the market as far as I know. One question for you. Are the bar posts o rings or hooks? You may have covered this in earlier posts but I don't remember which you used.

I used hooks (form A) for the frames I have build up to now.
But you can get everything you want. May be a combination of form A in the outer lines and form B in the inner lines. Ring posts are not necessary and not senceful, because removing the bars takes too long. If you fear to lose the bars during transport, the hook posts could for example be arranged in alternating direction.

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Thank you. I thought you had used hooks and saddle posts, which is the standard now used by all manufacturers. The ease of removing the bars when you have to is essential and portability is not a problem. A few years ago, I replaced the o rings on my 1950's Deagan vibes with hook and saddle posts. It was a project but I'm thankful for it everyday.


The posts, rails and spacers are all made of aluminum and in your implementation these items are in contact with one another (such allowing for a tight fit). Over time will this implementation not create vibration - due to metal on metal contact thru out : post, rail and spacer? Using alternate materials such as nylon for spacers and possibly a rubber washer to insulate post (sitting on aluminum extrusion) could alleviate potential rattles. However your post - slide into the rails - what are the tolerances - as to not allow up and down motion of post as bar vibrates?



My post are made from hyalloy within 0,1 mm Tolerance. If I hit on the bars there is no noise. If I hit on the posts l have metallic noise.
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I have now added my first selfmade simple pickup system.
I think, it is working pretty well.

tell me more!
can one use original Musser resonators and just get the folding frame to retrofit, or do you need to buy the whole set altogether?
This is really what we need. Not more bells and whistles fancy gadgets and proprietary parts to service and repair. A frame that folds up small enough to be rolled on a cart on a train or thrown in the back of a cab. Something that;s functional and can be traveled with. Is there a website with more info?

Yes, you can use the original Musser resonators.
You could make own (lighter) resonators, but you mustn't.
Go to than click on #Vibraphon#.
There You will find more pictures, more information, a 3D-PDF with design details and a video (only german spoken, sorry) showing how to use the 3D-PDF.

Hi Paul,
Any chance you or some of the students would build and sell these frames..? Can it be modified for different dimensions, like for Yamaha bars? I would maybe be interested in buying one, but not building it myself!

Hi Steve,

yes, we can build custom frames. Yamaha is no problem.
After the spring vibe 2016 meeting there is a bigger demand for this frames.
I am in contact with some students to build those frames.
The things I currently don't know about are duty and delivering costs. But may be you are in Germany some time?
I am currently out of office, but I will sent you a list of the measurement data I need from your Yamaha as soon as I' ll be back. You could sent me an email contact to

Paul, sent you an email but it bounced back...

I don't know why it doesn't work, but try

Where are you located? I want to come play this and buy one if it works for me!

That's incredible! I think the hardest thing about being a vibes player is how inconvenient it is to take the thing anywhere and how long it takes to set up. A frame like this would be great to have.

Hello John Mark,
hello Mathew,

about one year ago (may 2016) I signed a contract with company Malletch that gives them the right to build this type of frame. They got all my design data. Unfortunaly I think they haven't up to now build such a frame, as they told me because of too much other developements.

Please contact Malletech company.

Paul Wyndorps (from Germany)

That's great! I hope you got a nice chunk of change for your genius.

By the way, nice version of Kenny Wheeler's "Everyone's Song But My Own" in the video. One of my favourites.


Very interesting stuff going on here.

This is my first design study for a Vibraphone (M55 Size) packaged in a commercial travel suitcase XXL (Samsonite Thermo Young) - without bars.
Depending on the model options (wooden bar or aluminum T-slot profile, with or without tuning device for resonance tubes, rubber or metal bar posts ), the first weight calculation results in a weight without suitcase and bars of 21 to 26 kg.

It would be possible to save a lot of additional space by using a tube in tube concept for the resonance tubes, but that would need double the number of alumnium pipe diameters, which would increase the cost because of minimum order quantity 6 meter.

Now I need to find enough free time and money to build my prototype.
How do you think about that concepts?

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Would it be stable? Looks like the legs could be spread out more. Neat idea for tube in tube. Would need Malletech wings instead of fans if you want tremolo.


Well, I think you're a brilliant engineer! There are some things that I (as a vibraphonist) would have to test on my own. I play hard and I pedal a lot. These things (as you know) create a lot of stress on the instrument and create a lot of potential for rattles, noise and jiggling at every joint. So, I'd have to play it. I really like the resonator inside resonator idea. I also considered an idea to hang each tube separately and transport them inside of each other. Use a pair of folding resonator rails, then as you set up, set the rails up and then simply drop each tube into place.

Please note that ROUND tube pedals are not good. They are very uncomfortable on the foot due to the surface area that the foot is in touch with (easy fix).

It looks like you've adopted my idea of getting rid of the springs for the bar string! Bravo. I'll bet your way is brilliant. Can you share it?

As a fan of windsurfing I use clamcleats (very cheap: Clamcleat CL204 Mini) instead of springs.

The pedal could be done as sheetmetal or what ever you want. My first vibe was a Premier and I got used to the round tube pedal. I liked it more than the Musser/Omega moving sheetmetall pedal.

I don't think, that stability will be any problem because there is no axial stimulation.
In cross direction I designed nearly the same wheel distance as the traditional frame designs becaus there is a stimulation by using the pedal.
But to be sure, I want to create a prototyp before sharing design data.

I currently have not the time to continue with the design because of the day job. But I will share more information as soon as available. There are a lot of other ideas going to be realised in that design.

Well, if you say it is so then I believe it. I'm a fan of yours. Please keep us informed! I can't wait to see what's coming from you. I'm a very particular player regarding the pedal. Someday, I'm coming to visit you and get a look first hand!