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For my (Tony Miceli) part of the workshop I'll cover many of the things that I cover here.

Stride Vibes
Lines (clarity)
Learning Tunes
Playing Tunes in 12 keys (How easy it really is)

I'm always interesting in talking about getting players to break down there playing and see where they are at. This is great for practicing, that is learning how to find where you're at with something and then build on it. Too many players jump right in and build on confusion. To me that's no good.

I'm also interested in talking about musical aspects, the importance of singing and transcribing. I like to talk about ways of coming up with your own studies and etudes on technical things and musical things.

And then I'm open for anything after that. When you fill out the form (link coming soon) I'll ask about what you would like to hear about. And you can also post comments here as well with ideas.


What instruments does this pertain to?

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