INVITE: Oct, 9th. Dinner and go see Bobby Hutcherson play.

Hey who wants to meet up for dinner and then go see Bobby Hutcherson play?

Let's make a list here, then we can find a restaurant nearby and have dinner.

We'll go dutch, I'm too broke to pay for a bunch of vibe players!

I'm in.

Leave a comment and let me know if you're interested.

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Sure, I'd love to. I'll pay for dinner, but would you fly me in from Napoli???????:)

Got my ticket.


and what time is the show. how much is the ticket?


can we coordinate the ticket purchases so we can be seated together?

Hi Jack,

Tony and I bought tickets already. Sent you email...


barry u sure u sent it?

I used VW Contact. Check the email address that is in your Contact info.


can we ride to the show together? lemme know.

Someone suggested "Korea Garden Restaurant".

How many people are coming?

I made reservations for 8 people at 5 PM.

Please respond here so we can confirm.

732 Dekalb Pike
Blue Bell, PA 19422-1292
(610) 272-5727


It seems like we might not make it down from Boston in time for dinner as I originally thought :( I will have to see everyone at the show and the vibe hang....

ima be there

We had fun hanging out before the concert.


P.S. Thanks to Jack for taking pictures.

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Any chance there might be a plane ticket going as well!....:) enjoy, I am so envious