I Am Very Excited About this!

June 14-18 we are going to have a very special 5 day workshop.
6 classes a day featuring:

David Friedman
Joe Locke
Stefon Harris
Warren Wolf
Tony Miceli

and some other guests.

Info should be coming shortly. This is really incredible. Each of us will do a class each day for the 5 days.

There will be a concert on the Final Day with all of us in person.

There are only going to be 25 seats available. I asked if I could mention to VW first to see who is interested here for the workshop and hold places. The workshop will be $500.

If you're seriously interested, let me know at tony@tonymiceli.com.

Access: Anonymous


Tony, I assume this will be in Philadelphia, right?

this one is online.

Do you know what time it will start in the mornings?

i'm shoot for a 10am east coast start. that's not so bad for you huh?

Yes Tony I can deal with a 7 am start time on the west coast. Not easy but do-able.
Thanks for not starting any earlier like that first bootcamp we did in the spring.