7 Part Series On Intros and Ending!

I spent the day, getting a 7 part series together on intros and endings! This is certainly something every vibe player struggles with at some point in his journey. I don't consider myself great at intros and endings, but I've worked on them.

The series will come up every 2 days with a new episode for the next 14 days! So you can spend the next 2 weeks thinking about intros and endings and practicing them!

Starting Monday Night October 5th and continuing on every other day (5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17) one of the videos will be released. The release time will be between 11pm and midnight, East Coast, U.S. Time.

Access: Anonymous


I am looking forward to the release of these lessons. I have worked on intros and endings before but I still feel like it is a weak aspect of my playing (one of many, sigh). The Lockeness monster plays some killin' intros.

Yeah... his intros are monstrous!

NB: in French this rather familiar word is used when someone is blown away by something. In music it suits perfectly. I remember my vibist friend Sébastien using it when describing some of Norbert or Joe's gig... He would then say: I'm off... I'll convert myself into recorder player... :o)