Vince Guaraldi - My Version

Phew, that's a hard tune to play solo on! I did sort of my version. I'm hoping one of you guys get the etude down and perform that. I would like that! But here's my version based on the etude!


Hey Tony,

Great job man, It sounds really nice. I'll check out the etude soon. Still working on the Joy Spring one...

Sounds great tony! I love the clarity of your chords....very nice!

Nice job Tony! Saawweeeet!!!

good, we missed you!

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Then, if it's that hard to play, tell me how can you make it that swinging and clear?!!

I'm sure you will forgive me, but there is an "obvious" image coming to my mind while watching/hearing you play... Baloo in the Jungle Book, too much into the swing of King Louis's terrific music to do anything else than living the moment, and swinging, what ever happens around him! :o)

Oh man, sorry!... I just couldn't resist! :o)

i don't know about living the moment. sometimes i feel like i'm not. but i am excited about all this. and i love the instrument and to play it.

so i'm a cartoon, huh?

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Com'on, not living the moment?! You're sure concentrate on that hard piece, but don't tell me you are not in it! :o)

I believe everybody watched the Jungle Book... I mean, this is a must, and as for me one of the best musical part Disney ever made! I can't resist when I watch that part. And you should see my son! He even once sang "The bare Necessities" in a little gig with me! I'm sure he'd love to watch you play! :o)

Sooo, no you're not a cartoon! You're just... Tony Miceli, one of the most "swinging bears" of the Vibes' Jungle! :o)

it's different. those videos you see the good parts, there's so much happening behind the scene. i'm trying to concentrate so hard, then my mind drifts. i have to bring it back. it's a struggle!

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It’s good to hear you talk that seriously. Of course, listeners don’t have that awareness. We are enjoying, and we too often forget the truth... I’ll have another look on it last time.

You are surely having a hard time, but didn’t you say you were also enjoying it a lot? The « Balloo outlook » proves that you are, whatever you think, mastering enough the technic to have fun in such a hard piece, and sending it, with the soul of your music to the listener... Isn't it true? At least it really looks like. And wasn’t it your goal? :o)

this is hard work. and sure i love doing it. i love music, but it's really hard!!! i'm glad it's not easy then everybody would be doing it!

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