You Guys Know Christian Tamburr?

He's great huh?

Access: Anonymous


Not loading for me... :(

Not loading for me too ...

But Mr Tamburr is already well nown here. Check this :
On the comments of this post Marie is giving links to a lot of others videos of him.

Can't wait to see this actual video !

Hey guys, thanks for posting. I have a preview of my new DVD that features me playing In a Sentimental Mood with my fingers.
Solo starts at 29:26

Fee free to enjoy the rest of the concert:

Eleanor Rigby
Body and Soul
In a Sentimental Mood
Flower Waltz
I Remember You

hey vb cats ... i saw christian last month . nice cat .. definatley has some nice music happening .. and good compositions

it's fixed

I had heard him play but never that way: this is really beautiful!! It first sounds like he has all 4 mallets when he only holds 2... and then only with this hands he creats something different cristal clear and soooo beautiful!!

Thanks for posting... and fixing :o)

What a great player! My band director actually knows this guy. Im gonna see if I can meet him some time he's awesome