Very Important Information For Every Vibe Player To Watch :-)

Important information for every vibe player!

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The production quality of the review is really good and it's worth seeing until the end to hear him play. After all these years I never thought the roughness at the non head end of the mallet mattered. Maybe that's why my playing hasn't progressed fast enough. "Smooth ends make friends" I need more friends!

IMHO, one thing he didn't address that I like about Tony's mallets is they have a little harder bite when you hit them hard but sound soft if you don't.

Finally, I hope someday a mallet comes out that sounds good when it smacks the resonator. Too bad Balter retired, he probably could do it.

yes i think he's a classical marimba player. seems like a nice guy and I think we talked before.

i like the attack especially when playing live. if i used pickups (which i want to again) then softer mallets are ok. but it's so hard for us to be heard in the first place. although i work with great musicians now that don't over play me.

also, play mallets with an attack at the instrument and then have someone play them and you go into the audience and listen. for my tastes the mallets sound beautiful! meaning not just my mallets but mallets with an attack.

i also like the percussiveness of mallets a little harder esp when playing live with a band.

but as my dad used to say, opinions are like butt holes, we all have one. so pick what you like best :-)

I met him in Australia a couple of years ago, and he has a great youtube channel. actually two channels. One is called Adam Tan and the other one The Studio I think. Worth checking out. Cool stuff!