Simon Moullier

I think Simon is from France. I think he plays great and understands the language!

I think his pick up sound is really nice!

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I love his playing! Mastery of the language is one thing I think (in general) vibraphonists should especially work on. Saxophonists always know more licks than us!

Audio here is so gooood. Love it. Makes me want to get going on learning jazz. I think that bass player is laying it down so well too--mounts the rhythmic choices of the vibist and lets him take risks.
I think the undulations of the contour here speak really well-- jazz seems to really depend on active contour and teasing out the lines like ribbons in the air.

Excellent phrasing! I maybe alone in this but I find the fusion-vibe sound doesn't really integrate with the context of the acoustic instruments.

I get it, but he is connecting the two with language IMHO. But I did think about that.

Have you heard Randy's mix of Bill Ware's playing with pickups? It sounds nice.