Me and My Students

I asked my students to prepare 2 tunes each and then come over and stream the performance onto Facebook. And we did. I'm very proud of these students.

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Great students ... and teacher!
It's so hard for me to play when the camera is on.
Great job!!!!

I totally agree with Wynd, great students, great teacher. It takes some serious courage to post solo. In my line of work (not music) it always adds another dimension when it's being recorded. By the way the last dude on the vid learns a lot from you all as well, he sort of looks familiar.

Great playing all of you. Coming out of this, I bet you all learned a ton by this exercise. Regardless if you get a lot of comments here at VW, I can guarantee you have the respect and appreciation of all us here of who have ever held a mallet.

For the sake of music and the instrument keep playing and practicing!

I enjoyed listening and watching that very much. Thank you.