This Interests Me

I'm always looking to see and hear how people play in different situations and whether it holds my attnetion.

David Patrios is a great mallet player. Just look how he plays in this duo!

He's on a .... is it a Balifon? Or do I just call it a marimba? I don't know.

But he makes great melodies.

This just reminds me what we need to make music. We don't need 4 mallets going on all the time. For most of us that's a good think. We need strong melodies with chords interspersed!

Once the harmony is there we don't need much to keep it going. I think this is a good think for most of us. Work on technique and work on content. Knowing how to make harmony, making melodies and thus making music.

What do you guys think?

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I've been watching a lot of marimba videos since this quarantine started, and I've really started thinking about getting into playing marimba. Yahama makes a nice 3.5 octave model called the YM-40 that appears to be a nice jazz instrument.