I kind of like this

What do you think? I think they make it work.

Check this out. This is with bass and violin and vibes. It sounds cool.

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I usually think of vibraphone bowing as one of those gimmicky things that new age classical composers use just because they can, but sometimes it's kind of cool! I still have yet to see it used convincingly in a jazz context, though, but if anyone has an example, let me know!

We had a discussion about bowing at one of the vibe coffee hangs. Personally, I love how Christopher Deane uses it on "Mourning Dove Sonnet," which is super fun to play! For jazz, Hauke Renken and Julius Heise shared a video where they do a bunch of bowing on a tune, but I don't know where to find the link...

PS: You should come to the vibe hangs sometime - they are lots of fun, and we geek out on vibe concepts like this all the time! :-)

i saw on the classical hang of the world vibes congress they played some groups that are playing more poppy stuff with vibes.

it was cool i think and a good thing. I was not blown away by the music. not a judgmental thing about pop music but a thing about how they were using the vibes.

for some reason I liked what this woman was doing with the vibes. I like how she accompanies and plays with the violin. I don't most of those new age sounding marimba pieces where the whole tune is in 8th notes or 16th notes and there is no breadth. I think the pop songs they played at the WVC hang were like that.

I like the space in between, the implied time. I'm listening to this again as I write this and I just this is really cool. Just my take.