David Friedman and Dave Samuels - 1978

Great stuff from the 2 masters!

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I love this! Marimba has such a good sound. I just wish it weren’t completely impractical to bring to gigs.

I enrolled at Manhattan School of Music in 1981 and the most memorable concert I saw there was this very same band. I had just arrived in NYC and was astounded that the conservatory was having Double Image play in the cafeteria. I went to NYC to study with David Friedman and didn't know as much of Dave Samuels at the time so when I saw the two of them together I was floored. Not to mention seeing Michael Di Pasqua on drums - nearly made me want to switch back to drums! I didn't know Harvey at all but a couple of years later I had the good fortune to play in a latin jazz group with him for about 2 years. Really kicked my ass! (can I say that on Vibesworkshop.com?).

I am so happy that this was posted and I've saved this URL in a place I can always find it.


Wow, i wish i would have seen them! And what a great memory to have right? I think sometimes that getting old is not fun, but to have a bunch of incredible things you have in your past helps! I would have to have grown old and not have great gigs that I either saw of played.

I did see Andre Segovia before he died. I was a classical guitar player when I was young. So that was amazing

And I did go see Dave Samuels with my now girlfriend (who was married at the time to my best friend [we are still friends]). And we were the only two people in the club to see Dave Samuels play. That was great on two levels. One we got to sit and talk with him. And two, it helped me a bit knowing that even a player like Samuels had some bad nights where no one came to see him. He played great from what I can remember!