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This is a video of the Charlie Kunz band featuring Teddy Brown. It's cool to watch just to see teddy. 

But go to 10:22 and watch the vibe player. He dampens with his finger. Why? I think because there was not pedal on the vibraphone. 

That blew me away. Am I right? 


Oliver_M37 Wed, 06/22/2022 - 11:37

That's a great video! Helpful for my question of when the first dampening was (even if it was with a finger, not mallet). I feel like there was a pedal though. Halfway through the phrase at 10:20, some of the notes disappear, and unless there was some other mechanism, I'd assume he pedaled right then. Unless it's some weird audio old-recording thing. But I'm not sure!


What instruments does this pertain to?

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