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Cd´s every vibe player should have

Forum Topic: Rios (Saluzzi, Friedman, Cox)

Wow!!! Somehow I missed this album.....what a beautiful record! The instrumentation, the compositions, the understated intensity/groove of the whole deep. Man, wish I new a burning accordion player to jam with!

Mallets + Accordion = SONIC MAGIC!

Other than this album, Burton/Piazzola, and The Claudia Quintet, I don't know of any other records with both mallets and accordion. Anybody have any other recommendations with that combination?


Forum Topic: Four West Coast Vibes Greats, Four Great Albums

Four West Coast Vibraphone Greats, Four Great Albums

I’m starting a new weekly blog to talk about the vibes: players, important albums, concepts. For this month of April, I’d like to start by discussing four first-rate West Coast vibraphonists: Victor Feldman, Terry Gibbs, Charlie Shoemake, and Bobby Hutcherson. I’ll pick one great album from each artist’s discography, and talk about why I think it’s happening. I hope you’ll check out the player and the record (if you haven’t already), and chime in with your thoughts!


Forum Topic: ? for David Friedman about marimba

David, I’ve put your 1995 trio album with Dino Saluzzi and Anthony Cox called Rios on my mp3 player a few weeks ago, and I’m really surprised how much I’ve been returning to it. What stands out for me is the combination of bandoneon and marimba and how well those textures blend. It really has a very ‘wood’ sound to it. So I wanted to take the opportunity to inquire about some of the use of the marimba for this particular album.