1st Vibes Trio Album

Hey Guys, I'm doing some researches about Vibes Trio (vibes-bass-drums) in the history for my Post-Graduate Degree and was actually wondering if someone here knows something about the 1st album which was ever recorded?
Thanks for your help
Cheers from Switzerland

The key word in your question is "album" because I tend to think of an entire album in that format. The earliest that I can think of might be Victor Feldman, although I'm not positive that he actually didn't use piano to mix up the sound a little. Definitely Walt Dickerson and Khan Jamal are among my favorite vibes trio albums from the sixties, but I couldn't say they were the first.

i wonder when teddy charles did his CDs. before victor feldman right? the arrival of victor feldman is all vibes i thought? but i could be wrong. john keene would know.

I never knew that Teddy Charles did trio recordings, but I've never really spent the time researching his career. I also thought about Adrian Rollini, but albums weren't invented yet during his time.

I might be a bit reductive by saying only albums. Single recordings could be fine too.
But which period are you thinking? 60s or before?

david friedman - i wonder what david knows. he studied with teddy back in the day.