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2 - 5 what?

Forum Topic: Sus Chords

Hi all.

I hoping for a little advice and suggestions on how to handle sus chords. I have to say, I'm not always sure which tones are the most important, and I find that when I'm reading through pop tunes, sus chords appear a lot. Not sure how best to handle.

Is there somewhere on the site where this is covered and I'm just missing it?

Thank you!

Forum Topic: Comping while playing with other harmonic instruments

Hi Everybody I was watching a video about a great duo concert of Gary Burton and chick Corea from the ’70 (unfortunatley the audio quality is not really good), and I start listening the way thery were comping for each other.

Sometime they both comp and sometime gary is comping for chick that plays just the bass note and the solo with the right hand.

What do you think about comping while playing with another harmonic instrument?

Forum Topic: Combining Open and Closed Voicings

So I heard it said somewhere that great comping should include a variety of both opened and closed voicings. I think I'm at the point now where I can play and voice lead open and close voicings in all their permutations and variations (i.e. w/extensions) pretty well. However, I sometimes have trouble combining them in a coherent and musical way. Anybody have any advice re: this? I haven't seen it discussed anywhere on the site. I know the obvious answer: use your ear. I suppose then I'm looking for tips that will help me develop my ears to hear the combinations better.

Forum Topic: Six Patterns

Norbert mentioned what I call Leading & neighboring tones on V7chord tones, I've been taught bases on triads sort of & chord tones I can find it's the stuff between that gets confusing
leading tones a chromatic step below ( fluff?)
neighboring tone a diatonic step above (good for sound in key)
and here are the six possible patterns for getting between chord tones

1) C D E 1 2 3
2) C Db E 1 b2 3
3) C D# E 1#23
4) C Db D# E 1 b2 #2 3
5) C D Eb 1 2 b3
6) C Db Eb 1 b2 b3

Forum Topic: I need help from the more experienced players....

... or from anyone who has an insight before I get lost. I've been practicing a "Key of the Week" (which has become a key every three weeks) and one of the things I have been doing is working through voicings of the chords within the key: I chord, ii chord, iii, chord...etc. Simple enough. I am also practicing jumping from the 1357 voicing to a closed voicing (7935). So here is what I'm noticing: when I voice the 1357 of the minor chord, the Abm7 in Gb, B and E for example, it voices the same way as a ii, iii, or vi. But when I voice it as a 7935 the added ninth can be different (????).

Forum Topic: Gary burton inner urge question

Hi dear gary
This is a question about I think can be a good topic for all vibraponists player
The tune of joe henderson inner urge it is one of my favorites tunes and it is played by many musicians as all people now
But the think it is what happens las 4 bars?
Because there is many leadsheets with diferents melodys with ( i think in my opinion) that nobody know exactly with it is the correct melody not? And this was always a interest to me discoverit
I know that there is another problem ad ,it is if you play fast the tune it is dificult to play many notes

Forum Topic: Using General Harmony in Solo Vibes

Hey all!

This question is specifically targeted at Tony, but I figured I would post it here so that everyone can benefit.

My question is this....

When playing solo vibraphone and you want to play general harmony, then does it a good idea (or even almost necessary) to start accompanying the specific harmony for yourself?