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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


Hi Everybody I was watching a video about a great duo concert of Gary Burton and chick Corea from the ’70 (unfortunatley the audio quality is not really good), and I start listening the way thery were comping for each other.

Sometime they both comp and sometime gary is comping for chick that plays just the bass note and the solo with the right hand.

What do you think about comping while playing with another harmonic instrument?

I personally try to decide before the gig who is comping where and of course I listen around me during the performance trying to understand if the soloist needs some harmonic help or he wants to be free of develoing his solo without harmonic references and support.

But sometime when I listen back to the recording of the concert I still think I was playing to much!!

After listening a lot of music I find a nice way to interact with other harmonic instruments during the comping: I use just some basic three note voicings 137, 173.
These kind of voicings were used by Freddy Green the guitar player of the Count Basie orchestra.
He uses them because they are effective and simple and they don’t interfere with the piano player and the harmonizations of the other sections of the orchestra.

If you want to learn more about them I recentely post a lesson talking about those topics applying these basic chords structure to the first section of All the Things you are:…