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Hi dear gary
This is a question about I think can be a good topic for all vibraponists player
The tune of joe henderson inner urge it is one of my favorites tunes and it is played by many musicians as all people now
But the think it is what happens las 4 bars?
Because there is many leadsheets with diferents melodys with ( i think in my opinion) that nobody know exactly with it is the correct melody not? And this was always a interest to me discoverit
I know that there is another problem ad ,it is if you play fast the tune it is dificult to play many notes
( we are not a sax or flute players) and I think every musicin try always find a “triky thing” to resolve the situation when play this

I transcribe your inner urge from a live concert with dave young trio
(I listen yor version in studio too album )
And I think yo play the pdf that I include
Wath is your opinion about this thing?
Did you remeber more or less what you play normaly?
Do you take any leadsheet reference? If yes, wich one? Or do you find your own solution to play something very aproximate?
the other thing it is play Bbmaj7 o play Bb7 ?
I think this can be intersting to the vibes players
Thanks and sorry for my english


Gary Burton Wed, 01/25/2012 - 17:28

Hi Arturo, Boy, that was so long ago I don't really remember it. I'm sure that Dave Young provided me with a lead sheet for the song, since I didn't normally play it. So I was sight-reading it based on his lead sheet. It may have been the correct melody, or something close to it. I only played it one other time, and that was with Joe Henderson back in maybe 1977-78 on a Europe tour. Of couse, that would be the correct melody, but I have no memory of it now, I'm sorry to say. At this point, if I were going to play it now, I would go to the Real Book and use whatever version is there, and hope it's correct. Sorry I can't be more exact than that.

You're right, the last four bars are difficult to play -- on any instrument, I imagine. But that was what Joe had in mind I think. A surprise of complicated notes to finish off the tune.

- Gary