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Geat jazz tunes and originals

Forum Topic: Anyone heard of "Gongzilla"? Progressive Rock Vibes

I just recently heard about this group, Gongzilla. I did a search on this site and didn't find anything on them. The rock/fusion flavor is really cool. Check out the Deagan Aurora he's playing, really nice ax. (vibe solo starts about 3 minutes in) (Marimba and vibe work)

Forum Topic: me playing a Deagan on Youtube

Hi all.

I've never posted before so I hope I'm doing this correctly.

I live in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, not a lot of vibe players here.
So, this website is a nice way to stay in touch.

I used to play a lot of 4 mallet stuff but now that I've gotten older, I like two mallets more.

Anyway, here is a link to the old guy (me) on Youtube playing Nature Boy solo on a nice Deagan Aurora 1000.

Forum Topic: "Poor Butterfly" video JB Boclé - Tribute to Milt jackson

I will be releasing a tribute to Milt jackson CD later this year , I'm releasing 4
titles on iTunes for now

and here's a video on Youtube :

I recorded half of it in Paris last November and the rest in February in NY , I will have
more videos soon , I hope you can check it out.

Forum Topic: The Windup - concert video

Hey everyone!

I had posted some other video from this concert last fall, but thought you might enjoy this tune. It's a great composition by Keith Jarrett, from a sometimes overlooked period of the 1970's that I think was one of the most musically creative times ever. I've never heard anyone do it on vibes - although Mark used to do it with the early Pat Metheny Group, so it's been a blast to do with him.

Forum Topic: Changes to Somewhere in the Night

Does anybody know the changes to 'Somewhere in the Night'? The classic version is, of course, on Grant Green's album 'Street of Dreams' featuring Bobby Hutcherson. I know there is a video of Bobby playing it with Joey D as well. It seems like a tune that isn't played very often, but it's got a great melody and really swings. The form is also somewhat unusual, being 24 bars in length. I worked out the melody, but have been having some difficulty figuring out the changes because I suck at hearing bass lines and chords played on Hammond organ.

Forum Topic: Tennessee Waltz + Midnight Star (Tonal Nord Trio)

Hello Community,

Here are two videos of a gig i played last friday, It was in Wilhelmshaven, Germany with my Trio, the "Tonal Nord Trio".

The tunes are Tennesse Waltz and David Friedmans Midnight Star in a Trio Arrangement. Hope you like it.

Greets, Hauke…

Lg, Hauke

Forum Topic: Records for my Entrance Exams in Hamburg

Hey Guys,

These are the records of my Entrance Exams in Hamburg. I had to send in some Records and decided to post them here to.
Tell me what you think. Im happy about some feedback

To friends of mine played Bass and Drums. We just played for the records and it was great fun! We decided to play more as a trio.

greets from Bremen, Hauke

Here is the link:

Forum Topic: Texas Hoedown performed by Hauke Renken

Well, this is my first post. After the vibes workshop in Wuppertal i decided to be more active on this page. So here is my record of Davids Tune Texas Hoedown.
Hope you like this version. I think i'm still to fast but I'm working on it... ;)
I really like to get some feedback?! Thank you! :)

greets from Germany, Hauke

Here is the video: