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Hey guys, first post! Recently got a wonderful used M55 from the 80's, and only for $800! It's in really excellent condition, but it's definitely an old instrument. I recently bought this repair kit (…~) to replace the felt on the dampening bar and the rubber posts. Might save the cord for when they break. I was just wondering if there were any guidelines for what to think about when replacing these. I mostly worry about the dampening bar, I don't want it to extend beyond where it meets the bars. Should I just use a brick for the pedal or something? Thanks for the help!


Also here's a picture for reference:


IndianaGlen Wed, 06/22/2016 - 20:26

Welcome to the site! That is a nice looking vibe.

If it ain't broke, don't mess with it. If the bars dampen fine, don't worry about replacing the felt.

Looking at the pics to me the rubber does need replacing but if the dampening is working OK, I wouldn't replace the felt. i.e. if it ain't broke don't fix it. (yeah I said it twice :)

About the Brick, if I understand correctly, you are worried about the felt pressing up against the bars all the time. You are actually much better off leaving the felt in contact with the bars . After a while it will even out the dampening better. If you use a brick or something you can weaken the spring and that will cause more problems.

The way I get old rubber off of the posts is to use some needle nose pliers. If they are really rotted on, use the pliers to pull the rubber away from the post and slice it with a exacto knife, and peel it off. Putting the new rubber on, I use a LITTLE bit of water I just dip my fingers in and rub the post and then slide on the new insulator with a twist. Make sure to have a rag handy and wipe up any drops of water.