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Hello community,

I bought new Yamaha YV 3710 vibes, but I dont know if all of this vibes have as loud motor as my, or not. I played Adams vibraphone before and it has a lot quiter motor then Yamaha vibes.. Please, can you help me what I can do with it? How can I fix it - how can I quiten it? Or is it normal?


IndianaGlen Fri, 05/08/2015 - 10:00

First, you may want to re-post this in the Maintenance Forum, you'll likely get more hits. If you do, copy and paste my comments as well so the thread stays consistent. (or ask me to do it with a follow-up comment here)

I've worked on a motor system on a 2700 series and it was whisper quiet. I would assume that the 3700 would be as good or better since it's more of a top of the line instrument. OK this is a while back, but I 'think' there's a tension adjust for the belts, in your manual you may find a section on removing or replacing the belts and adjusting them. It may be a simple matter of removing some of the tightness.

Yamaha has a good history of warranty and customer service, and I'd talk to the place where you bought it. If you don't get a good response contact Yamaha directly. If you are handy and if Yamaha agrees that it wont violate the warranty, perhaps they'd be cool with you removing the motor and controller and sending them. At least you could still practice/gig without the motor for a while (although a pity because I love the tremolo sound/not everybody likes it though). I removed repaired and remounted the motor and controller box on the 2700, and I don't remember it being too hard (but it was a while back).

I'd do my best to isolate the noise. Removing the drive belt(s) and seeing if the sound remains. I believe vibe has a toothed belt to run the resonators fan which makes it slightly more difficult than the Mussers, maybe there's somewhere in your owner's manual to show you how to remove/replace them. Once the belts are removed you may be able to tell where the sound is coming from. Maybe gently press things with a wood stick or something as it's running to see if moving if the sound changes.

In my opinion, if you can hear the motor in a quite room at ten feet away on that vibe, there's a problem.

Michael DuBick Sat, 05/09/2015 - 16:31


I suggest looking at page 22 of the Yamaha Concert Vibes Owner' Manual. Remove the Synchro Belt (fan belt) and see if the noise is still present. If there is no sound coming from the motor (or driver as they call it), you may have to adjust the pulley distance by loosening the driver positioning screws, which are clearly shown in the diagram on Page 22, and either lengthen or decrease the distance between the driver pulleys so that they align better with the fan pulleys -- also clearly shown in the diagram on the same page. I have a Yamaha YV 2710 and as far as I know, the driver is the same for the 3710. Mine is extremely quiet. In any event, there should not be any noise coming from the motor.


bob leatherbarrow Sat, 05/09/2015 - 19:11

Hi - another suggestion- make sure your pulsators turn freely or the motor will be pulling too hard - they are adjustable on the Yamaha. There are small phillips screws at either end of the pulsators, and you can move the bearings back and forth a little if they are pulling. The motor should be really quiet normally. hope this helps

Master93 Sun, 05/10/2015 - 06:20

Hi guys,

At first, I would thanks to you, Im only student on conservatory, Im from Slovakia (Europe) so sorry for my English.

I tried to make a video of motor, here is the link:

I have tried almost every possible think, but I dont know what is with it :(
When I dismount the motor from vibes, it make noise, when I turn it on maximum, also on the minimum speed it can be heard.

So when I attache the motor to the bottom of the vibes and when I tighten it on max then the motor transfer the noise and vibrations of its self to the construction of vibes, because it ist as much isolated from noise.

And I have notice that the resonators make some kind of noise too (because they are made of 2 parts) and when I join them together and give them on the construction and join them with the belts to the motor, they make also scratchy sound.

I dont know what to do :(


bob leatherbarrow Sun, 05/10/2015 - 16:38

In reply to by Master93

Hi Martin-
Since your motor is noisy with the belts off, I would first be sure the power is correct. I don't know what country you are in-are you using any power adapters? If you have the correct power supply and voltage, then the problem is probably in the motor box (driver) with the pulleys on it.
Here is what every 3710/3910 owner should know: there is actually a pulley with a belt on it inside the box - the actual motor is small, about the size of a film can. If the pulsators jam or you try to turn the external pulley yourself, it can pop off (it won't normally). If it does come off, you can take the lid off of the motor box (again by removing small phillips screws, be careful not to lose them) and fix it yourself. I think it has to do with the sensor that stops the pulsators in the same spot every time.
In your case, I would check to see that the motor is not straining to turn the pulleys- it should not be vibrating - your motor box may have gotten tweaked - and you can get rid of the scraping in the resonators by doing what I suggested in my previous post. If everything is smooth and turning as it should and the problem persists, you may just have a bad motor, in which case you should of course contact Yamaha.
Best of luck-

Michael DuBick Mon, 05/11/2015 - 14:35

In reply to by Master93

Hi Martin,

After listening carefully to your video posting on youtube, it seems to me the problem is internal to the motor box. Either the tiny motor inside the box is not mounted correctly or it is defective. This, unfortunately, does happen. I suggest contacting Yamaha and send them your video. They should be able to resolve the problem.


Master93 Wed, 05/13/2015 - 12:50

In reply to by Master93

Hi guys,

I have contacted my dealer today, they will contact Yamaha support tommorow.

I checked every advice you gave me, belts are not tighten, they are fine (not much tighten, not much free).

But I have another problem (in my opinion). The resonators (both) have some strange sound when I rotated with them without motor and belts, only with my hand (in place where are belts). They creak/scroop (I dont know, how to say it)

I will see what will happen tommorow.

Master93 Fri, 05/22/2015 - 14:24

Hi guys,

so I have new info. I have contacted my dealer, I have sent the motor to them and Yamaha send to dealer the second motor. Dealer made comparison of both motors (motor from me and motor from Yamaha) and today have the dealer contacted me and they said me that motor from Yamaha is more louder than my motor, which I send them. So now Im a little bit confused.

It means that the reason of the loudness isnt in motor but somewhere else. The dealer after this comparision has send me my motor back to me and they said me if it will be still as loud as it was, they will send me the technician from Yamaha.

I think there are two possible sources of this loud:

1. it is because the vibrations of motor (however the motor itself is maybe just a little loud, when it is attached to vibes it resonates via whole vibes and there are any dampeners between vibes construction and motor itself) and than it goes through resonators

2. the resonators are damaged - when I turn with them, they make creak sound and in conjuction with the motor together it makes this noise :(

I have in my conservatory old Adams vibraphone and it is much quiter than this brand new vibes.

Any ideas or solutions? Im so sad about this :((

bob leatherbarrow Tue, 05/26/2015 - 17:42

In reply to by Master93

Hi Martin-
I have a suggestion for your resonators - you can adjust the tension of the spin of the pulsators (the spinning part). I needed to do this also- here is what to do:

1. remove your bars and run the motor - check to see if your pulsator fans are bent or rubbing against anything (you have probably done this, but if nothing is rubbing and it is still hard to spin, you can adjust the bearings on the ends.

2. on both ends of the resonators you will see 2 small black phillips screws on both sides where the fans go into the bearings - Loosen these a little but do not remove them. You will see that you can move the plate a little to adjust it - you want the fans to be able to spin really easily when you spin it yourself - when it is right, tighten the screws again. Do this on each end of both resonators if you need to. This will really help with the noise, and you will not be overworking your motor.

I hope this will help - cheers

Master93 Thu, 06/18/2015 - 13:54


today have been the local technician looking on my vibes, he repaires the keyboards (synthetizators) and sound technic, but he was repairer for Yamaha brand, but he was here for only 10-15 minutes, he has looked on it, nothing has repaired, because he didnt know, what to do, so he will write some review and I hope, that my dealer will send me some "really" technician which knows these vibes and will know what to do.

I will see.

Master93 Sun, 07/19/2015 - 05:36


I´ve just arrived back home from 3-days trip in Hamburg (Germany) from Yamaha central for Europe.

But I am a little disapointed, because I found out that the noise from my motor and vibes is really nothing in compare with other motors from YV 3700 and also in compare with other older YV 3700 vibes, which they have there.

They were very kind but they said me that they know about this problem with loud motor system but it is as it is. This noise is standard and it is part of construction of the vibes.

But I have information that the Yamaha Japan team is working on new motor system which should match with all vibes from Yamaha, but they dont know where it will be released.

So I travelled more than 2000 KM and I am there, where I was before, but now I know that it is not fault in my vibes but generaly in all of Yamahas vibes.

tonymiceli Sun, 07/19/2015 - 13:56

In reply to by Master93

the motor on the omega is the size of a walnut. it's tiny. and therefore makes no sound. motors are noisy. hopefully yamaha will make a small quiet motor. i mean how much energy is needed to pull two pulleys.

Master93 Mon, 07/20/2015 - 04:00

In reply to by tonymiceli

Motor in the box is about size of apricot approximately. Only the box is large. And in inside the box there is nothing to silent - I have seen it in Germany, they have shown it to me.

I have some tapes, textiles and rubbers now, so I have to make it more silent with it - wrap the parts of motor, the screws on the rails which hold the motor and so on. I hope it will help a little bit.

wyndorps Mon, 07/20/2015 - 06:06

In reply to by tonymiceli

You don't need much energy for that, but some torque if the bearings are not so good.
The vibraphone I have shown in this thread meanwhile has new motors too.…

I used two step motors 42BYGHW811, one motor for each row. The motors are cheap (less than 20€ each) and very powerful. One motor would be strong enough for both rows, but according to my transportation concept I want to have a single drive per row. In combination with a simple Arduino control unit they are working really silent at 9V and less than 2A (rechargeable battery is possible). Because it is a step motor I don't need any gearbox (gears make noise). The bearings of my old Premier fans make more noise than the motors.
To mount the motors to the resonator tube frame I used this:…


HtH Paul