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Hi fellow mallet enthusiasts---I'm brand-new to the site and checking things out for the first time, but I hope to be a semi-regular. I host a specialty radio show called "Johnny D’s Jazz Journal" every Sunday afternoon on KSDS-FM / "Jazz88.3" in San Diego, California. The station was named “Best Large Market Jazz Station in America” by JazzWeek magazine in 2011, and continues to be "the" source of jazz for this region.
I do a different “theme” show every week, and I program new installments of the more popular shows every few months. One of the theme shows is called "With Mallets for All: Jazz on the Glockenspiel, Marimba, Steel Pans, Tubular Bells, Vibraphone, and Xylophone”. But I work tracks featuring mallet instruments into many of my shows. I recently aired a couple of cuts from the new Jost Project CD, featuring Tony Miceli on vibes, and Tony suggested that I join to let everyone know about my show.
If any of you want to send me CDs to consider for airplay, please email me at and I'll tell you how to get them to me. Obviously, most of the tracks in my "Mallets" shows feature the more ubiquitous vibraphone, and it's definitely harder to find recordings featuring glockenspiel, marimba, steel pans, tubular bells, and xylophone. So if you have, or know of, any CDs with those instruments, I'd love to hear them!
The next installment of "With Mallets for All" is scheduled for later this month, October 27, 2013, from 3 to 5 p.m., Pacific time. Here are the particulars:
Only listeners in San Diego County (and some parts part of Orange County, CA) can hear the show live on the radio (KSDS-FM/Jazz88.3), but the show streams “live” on the Internet, and I have people listening all over the world, and from Alaska to the Virgin Islands. To stream the show live, go to the KSDS website at…

…[be patient---they’ve been doing extensive work on the website and everything seems to load rather slowly]. Once you’ve landed on the KSDS homepage, click on the “Listen Live” icon, and choose your preferred media player, then give it about 10-15 seconds to load…you should be listening “live” after that.
If for any reason you’re not able to listen during that timeframe, they archive each of my shows on that website for one week, or until I do the next Sunday show. To hear an archived show, you must sign up for Jazz88.3’s online “Speakeasy”---a free, interactive listener’s club. Just click on the “Speakeasy” graphic on that same homepage ( and provide an email address and password. And don’t worry, they won’t send you anything and your info will not be shared or sold to anyone --- it’s just a “Premium” benefit for Jazz88.3 listeners.
Once you’re on the Speakeasy page, scroll down just a bit and you’ll see a list of “Full Programs”. My show (”Johnny D’s Jazz Journal”) is in the right column. Just click on it and you’re listening to that week’s show...
I can't wait to check out all the good stuff on this website, and I thank you all for indulging me with this long message.
John D