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Hi there

Fairly new on here, hoping to get busy soon... moving to vibes from (but not excluding) woodwinds, so serious learning curve likely in some areas...

I was quite lucky in acquiring a small gigging vibe- vintage, not everyone's first choice. Sounds great, though. I'm in England, and bought the vibes from a brilliant US vendor ... and they made it here, despite our 'Royal' Mail (USPS were fine).

My question- the motor is 110v, US plug of course. I'm using without using the full resonator experience, as I don't have a step down transformer yet. The choices I've seen are 45v or 100v, and I've heard that (I guess like a fuse) use a higher rating as a too low one is more likely to cause damage... My online checking has half-answered my own question, but I though I would ask the experts!

The vibraphone is a 2.5 octave Jenco (I think, a good example...)

Cheers for any advice, apart from, get a Musser instead! (maybe one day).


nico Fri, 06/08/2012 - 02:53

well, you won't hear from me to buy a Musser instead ;-)

Most transformers with a ratio of 1:2 will do.
You mentioned the 45V.
With that you mean 110 -> 45Volts?
if so, you can use it, BUT connect the 110Volt side to the 220V wall outlet, and the 45V side to the motor. Do not reverse, or you're getting 440Volts on the motor.


Reedsmith Sat, 06/09/2012 - 13:18

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Hi Nico

Thanks for getting back, sound advice. I think there are off-the-shelf units that should do the job. Having hefted the vibes to a new band practice, my next job is getting a handy case ready; I have a plan beginning to form...



Reedsmith Sun, 06/10/2012 - 16:22

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Yep, you're correct, what was I thinking... this is the gizmo I'm now looking at getting:

100W UK to USA Voltage Convertor

• Operate devices intended for North American power • Great for gadgets (!?!) bought on holiday or online auction purchases that won't work from UK 230Vac voltage • Lightweight and portable so it could be taken while travelling