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I Don't know if it's a must have CD, but I just bought 'Crippled Symmetry'at June in Buffalo.
I really can enjoy listening to this. It has a certain kind of tension in it.

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"Crippled Symmetry is for three performers, one playing flute and bass flute, one playing glockenspiel and vibraphone and the third playing piano and celeste (Feldman fans will have noted the similarity of ensemble to that of Why Patterns? and the monumental For Philip Guston). The musical material is limited in means, with much repetition--though the material is gradually varied throughout the work--and only partial co-ordination between the three performers. As with all of Feldman's late work, the music is primarily slow and quiet; it is also considerably more rhythmically complex than it appears on first listening.

Over the work's 90 minute duration the textures generally tend towards simplicity as the musical material becomes gradually denatured, though this is far from a fixed process--the complexity of the music ebbs and flows in waves, until by the end all three performers are reduced to reiterating single notes, and the music stumbles to a halt. This is certainly a kind of minimalism, but of a much more subtle variety than the more commercial music of an Arvo P?rt or a Philip Glass; to my mind it has much more musical lastability as well.