Moonlight Feels Right

Hi,can anyone tell me where I can get a transcription of the marimba solo in this tune?Thanks for any help. Tom

i don't even know what tune you're talking about. is it a jazz tune? a pop tune? maybe post a link to the tune. is it easy enough to transcribe?

Hi Tony,"Moonlight Feels Right" was a big radio hit in the 70`s by a group named Starbuck,with a marimba solo that was pretty hot,at least to this newbie...any jazz giants might not be impressed,lol.Anyway,I`m on dialup,and can`t send or even play audio files,but this has to be the most-heard marimba solo in the history of Anerican music,I would think,as it went to #3 on the pop charts.The solo was was played by Bo Wagner,who has had a wildly diverse career path,now an extremely successful Dr. to the stars in Los Angeles.

Here is a link to the video:

Now I remember the song... but only from the chorus so it seems that the tune had reached France at some point! ;-)

FYI, marimba solo starts at 1"51.

- Marie

Here is the link to the downloaded sheet music from, and you may already own this. There is no way to look at this link to see if the marimba solo is written out, and I would doubt that this has it included. But if I recall it's not very difficult to transcribe since it's pretty straight-on the scale with no tricky harmonic twists at all.

I don't play mallets, but found this page while looking to play the solo on keys.
Found this page:

It looks to be a reasonable place to start.

Hi again,

I re-edited the part because I found the beaming somewhat confusing to read and made some minor adjustments. You can grab the part from my Dropbox: