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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


To my fellow equipment Junkies: I built this vibe from M55 Parts (pics below). 

I play vibes in an amateur big band and I could never keep the drums and band out of the mics if I turned it up loud enough to be heard.  I'm sure if I got the right, mics the right amp/mixer and a drummer who doesn't play at one volume during sound checks and then 10 times louder during the gig, it would sound better than what I built... 

Attached are some pics and a crude audio recording of an E-Vibe I built from an M55 frame and bars.  It has a K&K pickup system and I covered it in drum covering material, black diamond pearl.   I also modified multi wheel collapsible/folding hand truck.   I leave the bars on, I heft it into the back of my Subaru Outback and I leave it the cart to pull it back out.  The bars and frame together are pretty heavy.  It's a real hassle to take the bars off and plug them back in; however,  I may have to do it if I have to negotiate some major stairs, but with help I can lift the frame with bars on the hand truck up 2 or three stage stairs

Electronics: I use an older Fishman performer acoustic amp and I run an Eventide Mod Factor pedal in Tremolo mode between the K&K output and the amp (I like tremolo).   Does it sound as good as a mic'd acoustic vibe?  Nope. But the band likes it and I don't have to worry about feedback and mics.  In a couple of gigs, the sound person ran the line out of the amp into the board.  A LITTLE bit of compression kept distortion out of the mix when I got excited and hit hard.   Next time I do this I'm going to have someone play the vibe so I can hear what it sounds like in the mix.  Also, I may try running the post mix to the board so then I can crank up just like the guitar player does.  --I'm now looking for an amp that goes to 11.  

I had the "depth" turned up a little high just so it's obvious.  The eventide you can control depth and frequency, it's really cool. 



Click here to listen to the sound of the instrument.