Gary! by Ed Mann

Gary Burton was one person of 3 - the other 2 being Dave Samuels and Milt Jackson, who inspired me to start playing vibes at age 17. I listened to all of Gary's records way back then and learned the tunes by ear...recently (thanks to VW) I have been watching Gary's videos, and I am even more blown away now than I was as a beginner. Man, what incredible musicality and wailing...I am reinspired by Gary's timeless approach. Thanks Gary!

he is incredible. obviously a very very musically developed brain and ears.

he was the first guy i heard also, next to lionel. and i was floored! and then all you guys followed. you of course with zappa, friedman and samuels, and milt. and now all of you guys floor me. each branching off into an area of music and just leading the way!!

Tony Miceli (new)
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yes thanks for reminding me Tony - D. Samuels put me onto David's book "damping and pedaling" - w/o that book I would not have had a clue about the inner workings of the vibraphone. I love DOUBLE Image's music and David's playing

Gary is from INDIANA! Great place to be... from. Also, the first design of the vibraphone (metal bars, flappers in the resonators) was invented in INDIANA.

I recently found Gary's book "Introduction to Jazz Vibes" (Long story how I ended up with it) Copyright 1965, he was 22 when he wrote it. I haven't worked with it much, but I am going to.

Indeed, like Tony says above, more proof Gary has always used his head along with his ears. Dang all this pressure to carry the torch, I have to go practice!